I talk sex, even when it's not sexy

I've been writing about sex, mental health, and how none of us are broken since 2012. Much of my work focuses on the impact of depression on sexual function and relationships.

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Navigating a Relationship When Your Partner Has Depression? Get On Their Team!

5 steps to take when your partner is dealing with depression

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Whether Or Not I Shave 'Down There' Is No One's Business But Mine | YourTango

Shaved Vagina Or Full Pubic Hair? It's No One's Bus...

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Calling People "Crazy" Is An Insult To My Mental Health | YourTango

Calling People "Crazy" Is An Insult To My Mental He...

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5 Ways to Grow Together When Depression Enters a Relationship | World of Psychology

If your partner suffers from depression, try these 5 tips to grow together, rather than apart, during a depressive episode....

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Let's Talk About Sex and Depression | Bitch Media

Depression can destroy your sex life and a lot of people are afraid to talk about- let's change that | Bitch Media

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Don't Let Depression Steal Your Sexuality | World of Psychology

When you're depressed, sometimes sex is the last thing on your mind; however, these tips can help you get back in the mood, and boost your mental health in the process....

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Surviving A Bully (When You're 35) - The Redhead Bedhead

Two years ago an adult bully tried to take me down and almost succeeded! These 10 tips can help you face bullies and not fall for their crap. ...

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Seeing Ourselves in Marvel's Jessica Jones

TW: Abuse, rape, trauma, manipulation. Marvel's Jessica Jones finally made me understand that abuse can happen to anyone. Even a superhero. ...

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A Sex Educator Is Finally Getting People Talking About Depression ...

This Vice.com piece by Caitlin Murphy profiles JoEllen Notte's research on sex, relationships, and depression.

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5 Ways Antidepressants Might Impact Your Sex Life | Alternet

What are "sexual side effects" anyway?

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Calling People "Crazy" is Lazy, Do This Instead!

"Crazy" is too often the default thing to say about someone we don't like, but what if we took the time to say what we really mean?

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It's Not You: 4 Signs Your Partner's Too Depressed to Have Sex

A couple of weeks ago, someone tweeted at me to ask for advice on getting their partner...

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The Birth Control I Never Thought I'd Use

When I was a kid, the local pop radio station had a nightly phone in sex chat show. Most nights, I would secretly listen as folks called in with their questions and dilemmas, and the hosts would attempt to give them some......

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"If you're not sure if you've had an orgasm, you haven't"? Shut up.

You don't know what someone else is experiencing so don't you dare make them feel broken.